“Agent Smith” Corrupts Apps Within the Play Store, Impacting Millions

According to The Verge, a new malware variant, deemed Agent Smith, has been targeting Android devices by replacing portions of coding within legitimate apps with malicious coding. Fortunately, the malware doesn’t steal data from a user. Instead, it forces legitimate applications to display either more ads, or takes credit for the ads already being displayed. […]

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Malware Worms Past Google Play Store’s Controls — Again

Like other app stores, Android’s Google Play Store attempts to mitigate the risk of malware exposure within their approved apps. Unfortunately, malware authors are finding ways to worm their way past these controls. Most recently, cyber criminals developed an ad-serving platform which was included in approximately 200 different Android apps, likely without the knowledge of […]

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Hackers Advance Malware to Avoid Google Play Store Detection

Hackers Find Loopholes to Infect Android Devices Hackers have been getting better and better at avoiding detection by traditional antivirus methods.  However, now in an attempt to infect mobile devices through the Google Play Store, cyber criminals have gone beyond their traditional means of avoidance. With traditional blacklist antivirus solutions, hackers just need to develop […]

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Android Hit with 40% More Malware in 2018 Than 2017

Android Malware Increases 40% Year Over Year According to a recent analysis, mobile malware has increased approximately 40% in 2018.  The analysis showed over 3 million malware variants had been identified by the end of the third quarter of 2018.  The spike in samples is only supposed to continue, with projections putting the year-end total of […]

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Scammers Target Fortnite Users with Android Expansion

Fortnite Users Anxiously Await Android Version – Falling for Scammers in the Process This summer’s “it” game, Fortnite, will soon be expanding its compatibility features to include Android devices.  Although this may be great news for gamers — it may come at a price.  The game’s developers have decided to make downloading available only through […]

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Malicious Apps Return to Google Play with Simple Name Change

Apps Riddled with Malware Return to Google Play Store On a regular basis, app stores are conducting security scans on potential apps to ensure their legitimacy.  They do this for a couple reasons.  First, app stores do not want their platform to be used as a breeding ground for malicious activity.  Secondly, the store will […]

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FakeBank Malware Redirects Banks Calls to Scammers Instead

New Malware, FakeBank, Targets Android Devices A new malware has been circulating on Android devices.  The malware, deemed FakeBank, infects Android devices through third-party apps and website downloads.  Once in the device, FakeBank will reroutes the user’s bank calls to scammers instead. Also, the cyber criminals also have the ability to mask their phone number […]

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Three New Malware Variants Exposed

Over the weekend, three new malware variants were exposed.  Are you one of those being targeted? Trickbot Trojan The Trickbot Trojan is a malware variant that was targeting financial institutions overseas.  That is until now.  With U.S. financial institutions being at risk, it is important the word is spread this malware may be heading to […]

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LeakerLocker Ransomware Takes Different Approach

LeakerLocker Doesn’t Encrypt… The new ransomware, LeakerLocker, is taking a different approach to exploiting their victims.  Instead of targeting PCs, LeakerLocker focuses on smart phones.  Within the device, they then create an unauthorized copy of the user’s pictures, videos and browsing history.  They then, threaten to share all of this information with every person in […]

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500M Android Devices Vulnerable to SpyDealer

Malware Continues to Target Android Devices Android devices have been found to be vulnerable to the malware variant, SpyDealer.  The malware has a plethora of capabilities to wreak havoc on the device as well as the device owner.  SpyDealer effectively steals personal data from various apps on the device, including Facebook and WhatsApp.  The apps […]

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Judy Malware Downloaded Over 36M Times

Security lock

Judy Malware Takes Android Devices By Storm A malicious software called Judy malware, was inserted into over 40 different apps found within the Google Play store.  These infected applications were downloaded over 36 million times since March 2017.  It is expected this malware has been running wild since March, infecting an unknown number of devices. […]

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PC Matic Expands to Android Protection – Available Now on Google Play

With malware threats on mobile devices increasing at exponential rates, we determined it is time to expand our award-winning protection, PC Matic, to Android devices.  This mobile security solution provides our real-time protection as well as on-demand scanning. This security solution allows for peace of mind when installing apps.  PC Matic for Android devices scans […]

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1M Google Accounts Compromised Due to Android Malware

Another Android Malware Threat Recent reports stated 74% of Android devices are vulnerable to Googlian, the latest Android malware taking devices by storm. Googlian has been found in 86 third-party applications. Upon infection, the malware is able to provide access to various Google accounts, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Play, to name a […]

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Android Devices Riddled by Repeated Malware Issues

Android devices have been experiencing several security issues lately. Earlier this month, we reported on the malware associated with fake Flash Players on Android devices. Then, BleepingComputer reported Android banking Trojans, which impacted over 200,000 users. Now, it has been discovered, over three million Android devices have firmware installed on them. Firmware, the software that enables […]

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