No. 1 U.S. Electronics Retailer Drops Kaspersky Products

Best Buy No Longer Selling Kaspersky Best Buy, the largest electronic retailer in America, has removed the Russian-based security solution, Kaspersky Labs, from its shelves.  The decision to cut the security program from their product line comes shortly after the FBI urged private sector companies to discontinue the use of Kaspersky on their devices. Both […]

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PC Pitstop Newsletter – January 2010

    Rescuing Your PC From Disaster
    Windows 7 Highs & Lows
    Bits from Bill: New Tech Brings Domestic Violence Danger
    Chris Pirillo: How to Convert Video
    Technologizer: Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow!
    The Dodge Retort: Toshiba gets A-, Best Buy C-
    Ask Leo: Is Changing My Password Enough?
    TechBite: Secret Shopping Scam
    Tekzilla Tip: 4 Tricks to Make Typing Easier
    Tip #1: Open Source Mother Load!
    Tip #2: Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control Driving you Crazy
    Tip #3: Auto-Complete web addresses in Firefox.
    PC Pitstop Driver Library

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TechBite: Secret Shopper Scam – Don’t Get Nailed


By Steve Bass

My mother got a letter from a company in Canada. The cover letter, on decent-looking stationery, and with a real signature, congratulated her for agreeing to be a secret shopper. There were three pages of instructions and an honest-to-goodness Citibank check for $1,500.

The letter said she was to cash the check, use the money to buy items at Sears, Best Buy, and a supermarket, and then rate the stores. On top of that, she could keep whatever she purchased — and get a $300 fee for her time. Sweet, no?

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The Dodge Retort: Toshiba gets A-, Best Buy C-


By John Dodge

A couple of posts ago, fellow blogger Dana Blankenhorn asked if 2010 would be the year of the tablet computer. Maybe so, but for me, the past three months made 2009 the year of low ball laptop for me.

Yes, I am an open box and closeout fanatic. I pass all the shiny new units and head right for the locked cage at Best Buy where they’re kept. And that’s what I did on Nov. 23, picking up a Toshiba M505-S4945 for a mere $415 or close to a third off the original price. Yes, it came with the older Microsoft Vista operating with a free upgrade for Windows 7 through the mail, but the deal was too good to pass up.

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PC Pitstop – Newsletter – June 2009

World’s Most Popular Freeware
Must Have Windows 7 Links
Mark Your Calendars Now
Windows 7 Pricing Leaked
Ask the Pros -What is Bing?
Chris Pirillo Video: Ask the Pros -PC Speed
Bits from Bill: Solving Mystery Filenames
Technologizer: 80s Computer Patents
TechBite: Pry Loose Stubborn Programs
The Dodge Retort: The Netbook Rainbow
Tip #1: Open Task Manager FAST
Tip #2: 8 Step PC Tune Up
Tip #3: Better Firefox Privacy
Tip #4: 20 Free OS Downloads
PC Pitstop Driver Library

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