PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2009

Introducing Driver Alert 2.0
Guide to Better Passwords
Fake AntiVirus Alert
Ask the Pros – PC Upgrades
Most Popular Freeware
When Your Motherboard Dies
The 500 Worst Passwords
Firefox Ready to Be #1
10 Super Firefox Extensions
Tech’s Most Magnificent Failures

Clean up messy uninstalls
Office Compatibility
Spotify Music Player
Free Fax Service
Process Library
Most Loved Desktops Library
Most Loved Notebooks Library
Drivers Library

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Free Software – July 2009 Update

In the third official edition of the PC Pitstop Free Software Report I wanted to respond to request made by several readers in their comments; more 64 bit compatible freeware. Well let me start off by saying that that will definitely be a hefty task considering the fact that finding true quality free software for the 64 bit system is extremely difficult. However 64 bit compatible freeware is definitely out there, and if you guys have some favorites you are currently using feel free to suggest them because PC Pitstop, as well as the other readers, definitely value your opinions.

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PC Pitstop Newsletter – May 2009 #2

    Introducing Optimize 3.0
    Is Your PC Ready for Windows 7?
    The Best Free Software
    Windows 7 Tweaks
    Encryption’s Achilles Heel
    Newsletter Survey
    Bits from Bill: Windows 7 Pricing
    TechBite: Save Your PCs Bacon
    Technologizer: Questions for AMD?
    Chris Pirillo Video: What are Tags?
    The Dodge Retort: Windows 7 Review
    Tip #1: 156 Run Commands
    Tip #2: 15 Great Windows 7 Tips
    Tip #3: Networking XP & Windows 7
    Tip #4: Protect Your Homepage
    PC Pitstop Driver Library

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Top Free Software

Free Software

Welcome to the Top Free Software Report. There are two problems with free software. First off, there is a lot of free software and it is hard to know what free software is the best. Secondly, because it is free, free software makers can’t spend money on advertising to get the word out on their cool creations. We hope that this new feature in TechTalk will solve both of these problems.

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PC Pitstop January 2009 Newsletter #2

  • World’s Best Free Software
  • Ask the Pros – RAID Arrays
  • Fastest Laptop in the World
  • Is Memory Load Killing Your PC?
  • Is Your Data Lost at Sea(gate)?
  • Bits from Bill: Whats New in Windows 7 Security
  • Techbite: Help is on the Way
  • Technologizer: A Retro Unboxing with Atari
  • PC Trends – Newspapers Near Extinction
  • PC Trends – Use of Free Software Takes Off
  • Tech Tips – Avoid Pointless Software
  • Tech Tips – A 360 Degree Windows Desktop
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