Ransomware Variants Double in 2017 – The Blacklist Cannot Keep Up

The Blacklist Cannot Keep Up with New Ransomware Variants In 2016, NextGov reported 1,419 ransomware variants, compared to 2,855 in 2017.  These are only the confirm malicious variants.  New strains are being created every minute of every day.  Therefore, knowing the exact number and exact coding of all malicious variants is impossible, which is why […]

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Traditional Antivirus Solutions Fail 40% of the Time

A recent study found approximately 40% of end users who had a traditional antivirus in place during the first half of this year, experienced a malware attack.  Traditional security solutions include a vast majority of those on the market.  They are software programs that utilize a blacklist technology, which only blocks known malware threats.  Therefore, […]

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Infographic: Blacklist Vs. Whitelist with Fileless Malware Detection

Blacklist or Whitelist?  Which Keeps Your Data Safer? Most of the security products on the market rely on a blacklist approach to detect and prevent malware.  But is it effective?  An alternative approach, application whitelisting, is also available.  However, which is better for you?  Follow the infographic below to learn more about the difference between […]

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