Bob Rankin: Buying an Inkjet Printer

buying an inkjet printer

Inkjet printers are the workhorses of home and office. There are hundreds of different models available, each offering dozens of features. Buying an inkjet printer can be confusing unless you know which options are really important. The good news is, inkjet printers are dirt cheap. The bad news: buying the wrong inkjet printer (even a cheap one) can be very expensive. Here’s what you need to know…

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Bob Rankin: 9 Great Portable Tech Support Tools


A well-prepared scout never goes anywhere without his trusty Swiss army knife. Similarly, you need a portable arsenal of troubleshooting tools to solve common computer problems. You never know when your laptop, or a friend’s computer, may start acting up. Load up these free tech support utilities onto a USB flash drive and they’ll think you’re a tech support superhero!

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Bob Rankin: Time To Upgrade Your Browser?


If I had to guess the most-often used piece of software on most computers, I would have to go with the Web browser. The Internet is an integral part of most people’s computing experience these days, and the browser is the primary app for interacting with the online world. So it’s surprising to me how lax some people are about keeping their Web browsers up to date. Here’s why that’s so important, and how to get it done…

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