SEC Breach Could’ve Led to Illegal Trade Gains

SEC Breach Leaves Open Doors for Hackers The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), discovered a security breach last year.  However, until recently, no one knew the data obtained through the SEC breach could have led to illegal trade gains.  Unfortunately, additional information is not being disclosed regarding this issue. Reports state, “The agency did not […]

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Equifax Suffers Largest Breach of 2017

143 Million Equifax Consumer Files Breached Equifax, a provider of consumer credit scores, was just confirmed as a victim of a data breach.  The incident resulted in 143 million customer files being compromised.  Therefore, this is one of the biggest breaches in U.S. history, and the largest reported in 2017. The hackers were infiltrating the […]

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Feds Notify Ohio Police Departments of Breach

Feds Informed Wooster-Ashland Regional Council of Governments of Security Breach A breach recently hit the Wooster-Ashland Regional Council of Governments (WARCOG).  According to WKYC News, the FBI informed the Ohio police departments of the leak on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, the exact number of people impacted by the breach is uncertain.  However, officials are reporting, WARCOG is […]

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Microsoft Database Leaks Unknown Number of Source Codes

Database Breached – Leaving Microsoft Source Codes Exposed Microsoft recently confirmed an unknown number of source codes were leaked onto a repository named BetaArchive.  Exposing the source codes would allow hackers to find vulnerabilities in some of Microsoft’s most trusted pieces of its operating system.  Gizmodo reports, “The Register claimed the data dump was 32 […]

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Retail Store – The Buckle – Falls Victim to Hackers

Hackers Breach the Buckle Stealing Payment Data for Approximately Six Months The national retail store, The Buckle, recently disclosed they were the victims of a security breach.  The store’s point-of-sales (PoS) systems were compromised with malware, leaving consumer payment data up for grabs.  It is unknown how many credit and debit cards were impacted by […]

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Chipotle Reports Data Breach Impacted Almost All Restaurants

Burritos and Breaches Popular restaurant, Chipotle, has been a recent victim of a data breach.  The restaurant reported almost all of their Chipotle locations were impacted, as well as their Pizzeria Locale eateries.  Current reports are suggesting the breach was executed through the company’s point-of-sale (PoS) system.  The information exposed included credit card numbers, expiration dates […]

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Students Breach Camberwell High School’s IT Department

  Breach Leads to Personal Information Posted Online Investigations continue as Camberwell High School’s IT department was breached.  It is believed students of the school obtained staff login credentials, which led to the breach.  Students were able to obtain personal information of students and their families.  This information included Medicaid numbers, addresses, phone numbers and […]

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Impact of Recent Chipotle Breach Remains Unknown

Investigation into Chipotle Breach Continues On April 25, 2017, Chipotle made a public statement explaining their payment systems had been breached.  Since it is early into the investigation, the entire impact of the breach remains unknown.  According to WTKR News, this is what had been confirmed, Unauthorized activity was found within the restaurant’s network, which […]

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GameStop Website Breached – Leaking Consumer Account Data

Breach of GameStop Website Leaves Customers Exposed GameStop recently released their website has been breached, leaving consumer data exposed.  According to WGME News, the breach only impacts consumers who made online purchases through the company’s website from September of 2016 to February of 2017.  The data exposed includes customer’s names, credit and debit card numbers, […]

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95K McDonald’s Applicants’ Information Was Breached

McDonald’s Canadian Website Hacked An estimated 95,000 people applied for jobs at various Canadian McDonald’s restaurants from March 2014 to March 2017.  Unfortunately, all of these applicants had their information recently hacked.  The leak was a direct result of the company’s online application site being breached. According to The Record, the breach is believed to occur […]

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33.6M Records Leaked From Dun & Bradstreet Marketing Account

Dun & Bradstreet Marketing Breached Dun & Bradstreet Marketing experienced a breach to one of their databases.  The database was 52 GB, which included 33.6 million files.  According to eCommerce Times, the database belonged to NetProspex. The information exposed is basic contact information, very similar to what you may find on a business card — […]

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Has Your Information Been Hacked?

There always seems to be a new breach or security gap being reported.  Most recently, Fox News confirmed 12 hotels experienced a credit card breach.  Other breaches include leaked passwords, usernames, and email addresses.  But how does this impact you? Companies Hacked – Were You Impacted? It depends on the breach.  If your credit card information […]

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Adult FriendFinder Breached – Exposing 100M Records

A hacker took to Twitter stating they had successfully hacked the Adult FriendFinder.  The tweet included two screenshots that led authorities to believe they had access to the website’s infrastructure.  The breach has yet to be confirmed; however it is imperative the company take these threats seriously. Many times, it will take months or even […]

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