700M Email Addresses Leaked – How Secure Is Your Data?

Millions of Email Accounts Leaked — Again An estimated 700 million email addresses have been compromised.  The leaked email list was accumulated of previously breached emails.  However, it spread like wild fire when the hackers allowed other cyber criminals to copy the list for their own malicious gain.  This led to over 700 million email […]

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Two Spyware Companies, Retina-X and FlexiSpy, Fail to Notify Customers of Data Breach

130,000 Spyware Customer Records Leaked According to Motherboard, two companies that sell spyware to direct customers, Retina-X and FlexiSpy, have suffered a major breach.  Between the two companies, it is believed over 130,000 records were compromised.  Along with customer records, company records were allegedly exposed, as well as photos and text messages acquired by Retina-X. […]

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Web Service Breach Leaves 200K Vermont Residents Exposed

Vermont Job Link Breach Impacts Thousands An estimated 200,000 Vermont residents and businesses could be impacted by a major breach that just went public.  Vermont Job Link, a web service contracted by the state, was recently hacked.  The website is used for residents to apply for state jobs. According to WCAX News, the state knew of the […]

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700,000 FBI, DHS and NSA Accounts Breached and Sold on Dark Web

Government Accounts Breached Recent reports claim the police forum, PoliceOne, was successfully breached, leaving over 700,000 user accounts exposed.  These accounts included contacts from the NSA, DHS and FBI.  The breached files reportedly contained usernames, passwords and email addresses.  A PoliceOne official made the following statement to IB Times regarding the breach, “While we store only limited user […]

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