TechBite: Recycle Your Electronics for Cash


By Steve Bass

It’s unavoidable. With a desk covered with business cards, flyers, and dozens of flash drives filled with product information, CES is still on my mind. And because it is, here are more short takes on products you might find useful. Or not.

iPhone4 Complaints Soar

iPhone4 sales and complaints soar!

DON’T TOUCH IT! Obviously just purchasing a special dock for your iPhone isn’t enough. Now it seems that on the go users will need special tools for holding their phone during calls. This will result in flurry of strategy meetings for less competent engineers of Droid and Mobile Windows devices.

Pesky Apple continues to lead the way

Google Records All Wireless Connections WorldWide

I see you sitting there drinking your coffee and surfing the web. Here’s ya go. A little cell phone reminder to purchase that new grill for summer fun. I’ll check back on you later. I’m your personal media ad provider and I’m yours whether you want me or not.

Google, who is no greenhorn to controversy, is now stirring the Hassenpfeffer with their implementation of Germany’s Street Views.

‘Flames & Fire’ Prompt New HP & Compaq Battery Recall


HP has announced the recall of 70,000 lithium ion notebook batteries. Is your model on this list?

According to yesterday’s release from the Consumer Product Safety Commision, the recall was driven by “two reports of batteries that overheated and ruptured, resulting in flames/fire”

Check out our world famous video of what happens when a laptop catches fire.

PC Pitstop Newsletter February 2009

February 2009 Newsletter
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PC Pitstop January 2009 Newsletter

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SNAKES on a PLANE… better than CELL PHONES???

Cell Phones on a plane!

The next time you fly…

…how much EXTRA would you be willing to pay:

• To be able to TALK on your cell phone during the flight?

• To be able to USE THE INTERNET for limited web surfing, EMAIL, and TEXT AND INSTANT MESSAGING during the flight?