Cerber Ransomware Expands It’s Corruption Power

Cerber is now draining bitcoin wallets, on top of encrypting files Cerber, a ransomware variant that has been notorious for making alterations to its malware to worsen the impact, has done it again.  Now the ransomware variant is targeting bitcoin wallets.  Once infected with Cerber, the malware will search the user’s device for different files […]

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And You Thought WannaCry and NotPetya Were Bad…

Money Wasn’t Their End-Game… Combined, WannaCry and NotPetya, the two global attacks that hit the world in the last 90 days, received payouts of approximately $150,000 USD.  To some it may sound like a lot – but to cyber criminals, that’s nothing.  WannaCry and NotPetya were not in corrupting company data with the end goal […]

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