Threats to Your Mobile Phone Privacy are Real


Saw a presentation last week about mobile spyware.

This YouTube clip (nearly 5 million views) was shown – I was shocked.

Keep in mind, this video report is 2 years old.

The prevelance of these mobile security/privacy threats is debatable. However, it doesn’t seem like much of a reach to forsee these issues exploding right along with the mobile phone market.

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Windows 7/Family Guy Infomercial


*Update: Maximum PC is reporting that Microsoft has pulled out of the Family Guy sponsorship deal.

The folks at ARS have unearthed this short clip, originally posted on the Microsoft driven, of a Windows 7 ‘infomercial’ starring Family Guy characters Stewie and Brian. Dubbed “Family Guy Presents: Seth (Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy Creator) & Alex’s (Alex Borstein, MacFarlane’s Family Guy Co Star) Almost Live Comedy Show” — the infomercial is scheduled to air (with no ‘commercial interuptions’) on Sunday November 8 at 8:30 EST.

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