The Internet is Crumbling

Chicken Little and The Internet

Chicken Little was walking down the path to another regular day when PLOP something hit him on the head. “Woah, what the heck was that”, said Chicken Little. He looked on the ground and saw…nothing. He looked in the air and saw… clouds. “Oh No”, cried Chicken Little, “the clouds are falling, the clouds are falling”.

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Windows 8 is Coming Soon

Competition has definitely heated up with the increasing success of everything i. The ipad and its obvious tie in with mobility, the iphone and i computing is keeping Microsoft in search of some wind for it’s large but not so billowing sails, pun intended. Whether The Cloud will help push a favorable wind is yet to be determined but you can bet that MS would like to steal some wind from Apple’s soon to be released Lion operating system.

What other ways can MS keep it’s established dominant position? Take a look.

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