PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2009

Introducing Driver Alert 2.0
Guide to Better Passwords
Fake AntiVirus Alert
Ask the Pros – PC Upgrades
Most Popular Freeware
When Your Motherboard Dies
The 500 Worst Passwords
Firefox Ready to Be #1
10 Super Firefox Extensions
Tech’s Most Magnificent Failures

Clean up messy uninstalls
Office Compatibility
Spotify Music Player
Free Fax Service
Process Library
Most Loved Desktops Library
Most Loved Notebooks Library
Drivers Library

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Fake AntiVirus At Epidemic Proportions


Strangled by trojans, each week I see systems brought to a standstill. Sometimes it’s a neighbor and sometimes it’s a friend, but the story is always the same. “A popup said I was infected so I tried to remeove it. Now I can’t download anything. The program said it would help, but it didn’t.” They look real, mimicking Microsoft or well known AntiVirus products. The names sound ligitimate, calling themselves AntiVirus 2009 and such.

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I Hate this Keyboard!


The word “performance” usually means CPU, memory, disk, or video performance to most people. That’s usually what I mean by it too. But after several months of experience with one particular notebook, I’ve found a component that has destroyed performance more than any other: the keyboard.

When PC Pitstop did a bloatware survey last year, we had several notebook PCs that we couldn’t return. I took one of them, the Toshiba Satellite A135, to use as a Windows Vista test system. Initially, I tried leaving all the preinstalled crapware on the system to see how it would perform. After a few weeks of that, I couldn’t stand it anymore. At least the crapware situation can be fixed, though, unlike the keyboard.

I hate this keyboard.

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