PC Pitstop Newsletter – June 2010 #3

    How Has PC Pitstop Helped You?
    The Post PC Era Begins
    Legit Apps Worse Than Malware?
    Before You Giveaway Your PC
    Beware of Bloatware
    iPhone4 Complaints Soar
    History of the VideoPhone
    Verizon at it Again
    Make Your HDTV Even Better
    Tekzilla Tip- Enhance Your Right-Click Menu
    Tip 1 – 4 Killer Gmail Tips
    Tip 2 – Who Needs Photoshop
    Tip 3 – Tired of the Old Windows Login?

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Tell Us How PC Pitstop Has Helped You

Our friends at VideoGenie are allowing us to test drive a cool new application – that allows you to instantly provide us with feedback.

Have a webcam attached to your PC?

This is really easy!

Simply follow the link below to record a brief video – “Telling Us How PC Pitstop Has Helped You”.

On July 30, 2010 – our Pit Crew will award 3 $100 Amazon gift cards to the 3 videos we like the best.


By submitting your video, you agree to let us share it with the rest of the PC Pitstop community here at techtalk.pcpitstop.com and pcpitstop.com

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PC Pitstop Newsletter – June 2010 #2

    PC Matic Update
    You Never Forget Your First-PC
    Can You Spot the Malware?
    Extreme Makeover
    Are Free Email Services Worth It?
    IBM Muppets
    Mobile Phone Rip Offs
    Clean Text for Free
    USB 3.0
    178 Great Tech Tips
    Tekzilla Tip-Change Resolution Quickly
    Tip 1 – Find Open Excel and Word Files
    Tip 2 – Official Windows 7 Guide
    Tip 3 – Two Ways to Get Windows Help

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