FBI Recovers $16.4M After Catching Phishing Ring

FBI Hooks a Major Phish This week, the FBI had a big win when it comes to making a dent in cyber crime.  After investigating a crime ring, the FBI, Secret Service, Postal Inspection Services, Homeland Security Investigations, and Treasury Department arrested 74 alleged cyber criminals for taking part in a business email scam.  A majority […]

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Is WannaCry Dead?

Is the Ransomware that Ruled the World Dead? Quite possibly, yes.  WannaCry ransomware hit over 200,000 devices in 150 different countries on Friday, May 12, 2017.  The malicious attack was distributed by both SMB ports and phishing emails.  This cyber attack sent the world into a panic, and rightfully so.  The concept of ransomware, or […]

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