Cyber Criminals Target University of Maryland Medical Systems

Another Medical Facility Targeted By Cyber Criminals The University of Maryland Medical Systems (UMMS) suffered a malware attack over the weekend.  According to officials, the cyber criminals executed the attack during the early hours of December 9, 2018.  Within hours of the malware being installed on the network, employees identified the malicious activity and took systems […]

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Hackers Now Threaten School Shootings Post-Ransomware Infections

Cyber Criminals Stoop to New Low – Threatening Student Safety The FBI and Department of Education have issued a warning to educational institutions regarding the cyber threat, ransomware.  Ransomware is a malicious software that infects systems and locks important files.  After locking these files, the hackers demand a payment to unlock them.  In some instances, […]

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Two Romanians Facing Charges for Hacking 123 D.C. Cameras

Hackers Arrested for Massive Cyber Attack Almost a year ago, PC Pitstop reported on a ransomware attack that took out 123 surveillance cameras days before President Trump’s inauguration.  After determining the cameras were infected with malware, it was determined Dharma and Cerber ransomware were also on the systems.  Beyond infecting the systems with ransomware, there […]

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Nine Fireball Creators Busted, Two More Detained

Nine of the creators of Fireball, the malware that was turning popular browsers into zombies, have been caught.  The malware creators were working for a legitimate digital marketing company located in Beijing.  According to Mashable, they were using the company, Rafotech, as a way to distribute the malware.  Since the time of release, almost two months […]

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Punishments for Cyber Criminals – Or Lack Thereof

We must find a way to catch cyber criminals who continue to victimize businesses and home computer users, worldwide.  Cyber criminals made $1 billion in ransomware payments alone in 2016. If and when these hackers are caught, what is an adequate punishment? Punishment For Cyber Criminals – Or Lack Thereof Krasimir Nikolova, a Bulgarian native, was extradited to the […]

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Department of Justice and FBI Take Down Huge Coreflood Botnet

Score one for the good guys this week as the The FBI and US Department of Justice unleash a powerful and quick take down of the “Coreflood” botnet.

Coreflood was a massive international network of more than two million infected computers; computers that were used to empty bank accounts, score sensitive corporate data and steal untold financial data. This is a huge victory as this particular botnet has been in operation for 10 years.

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The Internet is Crumbling

Chicken Little and The Internet

Chicken Little was walking down the path to another regular day when PLOP something hit him on the head. “Woah, what the heck was that”, said Chicken Little. He looked on the ground and saw…nothing. He looked in the air and saw… clouds. “Oh No”, cried Chicken Little, “the clouds are falling, the clouds are falling”.

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