Dodge Retort: Is Windows 7 more reliable than its predecessors?


By John Dodge

Is Windows 7 really that much better from previous versions…or that much more reliable?

I am beginning to think not all that much given huge expectations for Win7. After using it for 18 months, my question is a fair one. Microsoft can probably show myriad stats to prove that it is, but there’s no substitute for personal experience over the long term.

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PC Pitstop Newsletter – November 2010 #2

  • Sad Tale of My Broken Sony Laptop
  • Zombies Attack Smartphones
  • Malware=Time for a New PC?
  • Consider Your PC at Risk
  • Custom Built vs Pre-Built PCs
  • Save Your Holiday Sanity
  • Buying a Long Overdue Desktop
  • Free Online College Courses
  • Please ‘Like’ Us on Facebook
  • Malware Minute- Facebook Users Targeted
  • Tip 1 – 70 Best Free Games
  • Tip 2 – Optimize Vista Performance
  • Tip 3 – Relive DOS Games
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    Extreme PC MakeOver #6

    Listening to Bob describe his issues was exactly like listening to 90% of the people I talk to these days. It’s not that their computers don’t work, it’s that they don’t work well. Things take too long to open, Internet connections seem slow and as a rule, hard drive space is starting to disappear. This is especially true with systems that are over 3 years old. The older smaller drives of these system fill up quickly when compared to todays systems with large capacity hard drives.

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    Top Loved Custom Desktops

    Custom Desktops

    As PC Pitstop began collating the user satisfaction feedback for desktop systems, it became evident that there was a significant number of custom built Desktop systems. Based on system information we were able to segregate these custom built systems into a separate satisfaction report. From this we were able to tabulate what motherboards were in the most loved systems. It is interesting to note that 4 out of the top 10 best loved motherboards are AMD boards.

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    Windows 7 Beta Takes the Test


    It’s here, it’s public and it’s time to give it a spin. My Windows 7 64bit download was fast and uneventful. While it was downloading I dropped a new hard drive into my existing work box.The system is a couple of years old now and was built using a MSI P35 neo motherboard, Q6850 Intel Quad core, 2 gigs of memory and a once decent 8800GTX vid. card. A nice box when new, but now showing it’s age. I’ll need to double the memory for this to really be ready for Windows 7 and 64 bit computing, but I can add that later. Here are some PC Pitstop test results. [OVERDRIVE]

    When Vista first appeared I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It didn’t take long before I realized it was not ready for prime time. It lived quietly on my laptop while recovering from its UAC-pendectomy.

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    Ask the PC Pitstop Pros 2009


    Ready for a new and improved 2009? If so, let’s kick off the season with one that bothers everyone using Vista and IE7. It’s all about the icons and it droves us all crazy.

    Q. Ron T asks: “I have Vista SP1 and IE7. The icons assigned by websites get switched to the generic box or to another icon. This is after I have the websites icon assigned to my shortcut. When I go to the website the old icon precedes the web address, but I can’t get it to my shortcut to that website. Thank s if you can help.”

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    Win $100 Every Month


    Don’t believe it? Check out this link to see the past winners of PC Pitstop’s Tips and Tricks section. I’m showing some tweaks that I use to give you an idea of what we’re looking for. Jump in and grab an extra $100.00.

    Get your name in the hat by heading over to our Forums and posting up your submission or just enter them here and if your tip is chosen you’ll be the lucky winner for that month. We’ve had well over 100 people who have contributed and won prizes for their efforts. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

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    Hibernation, Great for bats but….


    It’s the year 2000 and I’m sitting at my brand new computer desk, on my brand new swivel chair, and I’m starting to explore my very first computer. It’s an HP and it has cool jungle sounds coming from it. It’s going to be the best, fastest, most exciting computer in the world. It’s loaded with cool programs (or so I thought) and it’s magical.

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    Software is Wasting Your Cores

    Back in February, Steve Hogan made the case for getting a multi-core system. Rob Cheng’s experience shows that dual-core systems aren’t always faster though. It’s possible for a multi-core system to outperform a single-core system, but you’re not likely to see a desktop operating system or many applications that can take advantage of it. There are good reasons for that problem, and they aren’t going away any time soon.

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    New Box Blues


    All Brand New and Ready to Roll

    Yep, when I plunk down $500.00 to $1200.00 or more, I’d like to think I’m getting the latest and greatest. We all know electronics become outdated faster than potato salad at a Texas picnic, but I would at least expect to get the darned thing out of the box before having to update it. Our recent comparisons found just the opposite.

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