DOJ Moves to Dismiss Kaspersky’s Lawsuit Against Congress

Kaspersky’s Lawsuit May Be Tossed Out… This week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a motion to dismiss Kaspersky’s lawsuit against Congress over the ban of their products.  The Hill reports, “…Kaspersky does not have a legal basis to challenge the Trump administration’s ban on its products because, even if reversed, Congress’s ban would remain in effect.” […]

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Kaspersky Files Lawsuit Against Department of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security Files Binding Operating Directive 17-01 Leading Kaspersky to Take Action Earlier this month, President Trump signed into law the Binding Operating Directive 17-01  (BOD).  The BOD called for a ban of Kaspersky Labs products on U.S. government devices.  Throughout this year, concerns have risen regarding potential ties between the Russian government and Russian-based security […]

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Banning Laptops In Airplane Cabins on European Flights

EU and US Agree not to Ban Laptops The Department of Homeland Security has been back and forth multiple times on the idea of banning large electronic devices, including laptops, from being carried on to flights.  Instead, these larger devices would be placed on checked luggage.  There are two concerns with larger electronics.  First, the […]

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