Ask Leo: Secure Delete – What is it and do I need it?


By Leo Notenboom

Although there are many software utilities that claim to be
able to delete data files from hard drives securely and
thoroughly, can’t you accomplish the same thing simply by
overwriting sensitive files with large, non-sensitive ones?

To be honest, it depends on your level of paranoia. I
suppose that also depend on the level of sensitivity of your

But you are correct in the implication that a plain old
“delete” isn’t nearly enough.

Let’s look at that, and how far you might need to go.

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ASK THE PROS July Drive Management


Howdy and Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US. The past week has seen more questions on drives and boot problems so I decided to take a good look at Windows Disk Management. Disk Management has always been a good utility, but starting with Vista and continuing into Windows 7, it has become a powerful and simple way to format and partition drives. You can manage the drive your booting from, or you can format and partition new drives for later installations and use.

Let’s take a look at this weeks question and see where it takes us.

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ASK THE PROS 2009 Booting and Burning


Another busy week for ASK THE PROS. Some interesting questions that cover a lot of ground so let’s get to it.

Q. K. Woods asks: How do I make a bootable disk with an ISO file?

A. Thanks K. Woods, You are correct, an ISO image or file is used to make a bootable disk. It’s a CD image file that instructs your system to give a prompt to boot to CD when installing operating systems or anything that needs a bootable disk. They are also commonly used for Games.

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Ask the Pros Vol.2 2009 RAID


Thank you for the huge number of questions sent to:

Ask The Pros

We’ve had an overwhelming response and we’re doing our best to read each and every one. I sincerely wish we could answer your questions directly but the numbers make that impossible. I’ll continue to select those that occur most often. Keep them coming, and don’t be afraid to submit more than once.

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Obsolescence. It is almost a given in the high paced PC industry. The word always gives a bitter sweet feeling in the gut. On one hand, there is a certain frustration that your current PC is getting out of date. But this is coupled with the excitement of knowing that you will soon be in the market for a new one. I think we’ve all been through it.

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July 2008 Newsletter

*Become a PC Pitstop Affiliate
*My Buddy, Windows XP
*Remove Hijackers & Trojans
*Windows XP SP3 Cheat Sheet
*Bits from Bill: Domains Will Never Be the Same
*Tech Support Survey Results
*Pitstop Research: Storage Trends
*PC Pitstop CSI
*Tip #1: Folder Thumbnails
*Tip #2: Yahoo, Hotmail and Others
*Tip #3: Sound Effects

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PC Pitstop Pushes PC Administration Into OverDrive With New Self-Service Support Service

PC Pitstop Pushes PC Administration Into OverDrive With New Self-Service Support Service

Sioux City, IA – X, 2008 – PC Pitstop, the undisputed leader in PC diagnostics and support with over 100 Million PC performance tests and counting, has released its newest service for general availability, OverDrive. With just a few clicks, PC Pitstop’s newly overhauled OverDrive service offers a simple scan using Internet Explorer (IE) or the IE tab in Firefox web browsers to provide a full PC Configuration report in under five minutes. The scan evaluates system performance, security, software, drivers, application versioning, system conflicts and other key information and delivers a report for a full system tune-up.

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A Battle for Hard Drive Freedom

PC Pitstop research has shown that many PC vendors are making a practice of creating a separate partition on a system’s primary hard drive in which to store the systems’ original restoration information. Rob’s new video documents his crusade to reclaim his hard drive space on his new PC. Thanks to Acronis Disk Director Suite he was able to accomplish his goal.

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