PC Pitstop Newsletter – November 2009 #2

    The Dodge Retort: Twitter, Facebook fertile phishing grounds
    Ask Leo: Secure Delete – What is it and do I need it?
    Chris Pirillo: How to Convert Cassettes to MP3
    Bits from Bill: Verizon Droid Day One
    Technologizer: 25 Most Notable Quotes in Tech History
    Use Your Droid as a Modem…Tethering
    TechBite: Fixes for 3 PC Annoyances
    Tip #1: Create Windows 7 Themes
    Tip #2: Float your Hard Drive LED
    Tip #3: Information about your Hardware
    PC Pitstop Driver Library

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ASK THE PROS July Drive Management


Howdy and Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US. The past week has seen more questions on drives and boot problems so I decided to take a good look at Windows Disk Management. Disk Management has always been a good utility, but starting with Vista and continuing into Windows 7, it has become a powerful and simple way to format and partition drives. You can manage the drive your booting from, or you can format and partition new drives for later installations and use.

Let’s take a look at this weeks question and see where it takes us.

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June 2008 Newsletter

*More Problems with Windows XP SP3
*Introducing PC Pitstop Process Library
*The Battle of the Sexes
*Pitcrew Live Support
*Bits from Bill: Is Vista Really More Secure?
*Craplets & Bloatware Survey Results
*Windows XP SP3 Survey Results
*PC Pitstop – CPU Trends
*Tip #1: Bootskins
*Tip #2: Hard Drive Help
*Tip #3: Gmail Tips

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