Hackers Put a New Spin on Tax Scams

Tax Evasion Scam Spreads, and Hackers Want Paid — or Else… Extortion emails have increased in popularity lately, starting with the massive sextortion campaign that began earlier this year.  Now, a new extortion scam is underway that claims the victim’s computer was hacked.  Then, upon being hacked, it was determined taxes were being hidden from the […]

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Uber Online Lottery Scam — You Just Won $1.5M!!!!

Uber Online Lottery Scam The Uber Online Lottery scam is making its way across the nation, claiming recipients have one $1.5 million dollars.  They just need your banking information to “deposit” the funds.  Below is the image that will populate within the scam email. There is not any content that comes within the email, just this […]

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