The Water Can’t Get Any Hotter for Kaspersky…

European Union (EU) Votes to Ban Kaspersky Labs Products On May 25, 2018, European Parliment released the Report on Cyber Defense.  In this report, specifically item #76 (see excerpt below), it specifically states Kaspersky Labs has been confirmed as malicious. 76.  Calls on the EU to perform a comprehensive review of software, IT and communications […]

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Kaspersky Targets Microsoft in Complaint to European Union

Antitrust Complaint Filed Against Microsoft Kaspersky has filed a complaint with the European Union (EU) against Microsoft.  The complaint claims Microsoft is putting up road blocks up against security companies from having the ability to compete on a level playing field.  According to Bloomberg, Kaspersky believes Microsoft is driving up the cost of third-party security […]

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Banning Laptops In Airplane Cabins on European Flights

EU and US Agree not to Ban Laptops The Department of Homeland Security has been back and forth multiple times on the idea of banning large electronic devices, including laptops, from being carried on to flights.  Instead, these larger devices would be placed on checked luggage.  There are two concerns with larger electronics.  First, the […]

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