4 Years Later – PC Pitstop EULA Experiment Still the Buzz


Hard to believe it has been 4 years since one lucky PC Pitstop Optimize user won $1,000 by simply reading our End-User License Agreement (EULA)!
Our EULA had a clause offering money to anyone who contacted us, but it took five months and more than 3,000 sales before the first person, Doug Heckman, dropped us a line asking about the clause.

In the time since word of our ‘easter egg’ got out, numerous tech columnists have cited our experiment in discussions of privacy. An article published today brought it up again.

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Five Behaviors On Which Spyware Companies Prey

By Robert P. Lipschutz

Adware vendors, in their quest to infiltrate computers everywhere, benefit from confusion, a lack of user knowledge, and the realities of human nature. However, by using a combination of defensive strategies, you can lower the impact of adware on your computer. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of “free” Internet software, the primary carrier of adware, diligence is key.

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