Israeli Firm NSO Group Accused of Impersonating Facebook to Spread Spyware

NSO Denies Allegations Israeli firm NSO Group, a security company, is being accused of impersonating Facebook in an attempt to spread their Pegasus hacking tool. BBC News reported today that the investigative news site, Motherboard, first picked up on the scam. Additionally, Motherboard reports that servers inside the United States were used to assist in […]

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Malware Minute: Facebook – A Haven for Scams, Phishing & Threats

No matter how fun and interesting (not to mention newsworthy) Facebook is, the said social networking site has indeed become a haven to a motley of threats, from scams, to nasty apps, to phishing pages. Users who spent much of their time in there would probably be familiar with wall posts from friends or other contacts cajoling them to “see who is stalking you.”

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