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September 2008 Newsletter

  • *OverDrive 3D Benchmark
  • *Virus Wars I
  • *IE 8 Rains on Firefox Parade
  • *Bits from Bill: Whats Wrong with Toolbars
  • *Bits from Bill: Google Enters Browser War
  • *Malware Survey Results
  • *Women Forget More Than Men
  • *Online Backup Survey
  • *Tip #1: Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
  • *Tip #2: XP Home Security Tab
  • *Tip #3: Tip for Encoding with Nero 8
  • August 2008 Newsletter #2

    • Your PC is Not Old
    • Death to the Desktop
    • OverDrive – Overhauled
    • Top 10 Tips of 2008 (so far)
    • Bits from Bill: Spyware From Where?
    • Malware Survey
    • Pitstop Research: XP SP3 Adoption
    • Tip #1: Ebay Mispells
    • Tip #2: Rename Multiple Files at Once

    August 2008 Newsletter

    *The Hard Drive of the Future
    *Software is Wasting Your Cores
    *OverDrive – Once Is Never Enough
    *A Faster PC – In ‘Any’ Language
    *Bits from Bill: Top Sources of Free Software
    *Malware Survey
    *Pitstop Research: CPU Olympics
    *Tip #1: XP Tweak Myths
    *Tip #2: Remove Old Java Installs
    *Tip #3: Print Folder File List

    A Faster PC – In Any Language

    Optimice, Aperfeiçoe
    PC Pitstop Optimize – A Faster PC in any Language

    PC Pitstop’s Optimize product is now available in Spanish and Portuguese. The language can be set during the Optimize setup and changed inside the application by going to ‘Review previous runs, or restore settings’. Look for Optimize to become available in other languages in the near future.

    July 2008 Newsletter #2

    *Vista Does Not Suck
    *OverDrive Overhaul
    *Firefox 3, Must or Bust?
    *A Faster PC in any Language
    *Bits from Bill: Apples Plan to Takeover the World
    *Social Bookmarking Survey
    *Pitstop Research: Graphics Trends
    *Tip #1: Join Vista to XP Network
    *Tip #2: Vista Multiple Languages

    December 2007

    Full Tests Souped Up Again
    The Evolution of Malware
    Bits from Bill: Free Malware on Wireless Networks
    Bot Nets.Now What?
    50 Simple Tips for a Faster PC
    Research: Monitor Sizes
    Holiday Shopping Survey Results
    Survey: Printers
    Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts
    Tip: Online Shopping Tips
    Tip: Know Everything About Your PC