PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2010

  • Cellphone/Smartphone Survey
  • World of Computer Security
  • 6 Steps to Remove Malware
  • Keep Yourself Safe from Viruses
  • Droid X vs Droid Incredible
  • They Call It the Streak
  • Facebook National ID System
  • SSD vs Traditional Hard Drives
  • Google Voice is Cool & Free
  • Tekzilla Tip- Organize Your MP3 Collection
  • Tip 1 – Test Boot Speed with Free Utility
  • Tip 2 – Ever Had Blue Screen of Death?
  • Tip 3 – Using the Favorite Links List
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    Chris Pirillo Video: How to Install Your Favorite Windows Software


    The easiest ways to get programs these days is to download them. When I was getting started with software, you had to actually go to a store and buy them. The Internet didn’t really even exist back then! There’s software available for any platform these days, but this video is all about Windows… and the ease with which you can install programs using Ninite.

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter December 2008 #2

    Our Favorite Tips & Tweaks
    Ask the Pros a Tech Question
    PC Pitstop & Fox ’24’
    Optimize in French
    Welcome Harry McCracken
    Bits from Bill: Is Google Still the Best Search?
    TechBite: You’re Paying Too Much!
    Technologizer: Hey, This Looks Pretty Good!
    Firefox Grows Globally
    Warning: Vista SP2 Beta
    Tip #1: Indispensable Firefox Addon
    Tip #2: Picture a Bargain

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