PC Pitstop Newsletter – September 2010

  • PC Matic Update
  • Let Your PC Put $ in Your Pocket
  • Forget the DVD & Save
  • How to Maximize Battery Life
  • Free Internet Faxing
  • Do You Use Dropbox?
  • Real Threats to Mobile Privacy
  • 2 Monitors, Why Not 3
  • Review: Droid 2
  • CellPhone/SmartPhone Survey
  • Tekzilla Tip- Online Price Tracking
  • Tip 1 – Amazon Discount Tool
  • Tip 2 – eBay Power Tool
  • Tip 3 – Win 7 Power Boot Option
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    Bob Rankin: Free Internet Faxing


    By Bob Rankin

    PC Pitstop is proud to welcome Bob Rankin as a new guest contributor. Bob Rankin is a technology writer and computer programmer who enjoys exploring the Internet and sharing the fruit of his experience with
    others. His work has appeared in ComputerWorld, NY Newsday, and other
    publications. Bob is the author of several computer books, and offers
    free tech support at AskBobRankin.com

    Why use an expensive and complicated fax machine when there are so many Internet alternatives? Some even allow you to send and receive faxes online for free. Here’s a roundup of free Internet fax services…

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