July 2006 Newsletter

Commentary: Google Boomers
Article: Keyboard shortcuts save time
Windows Tweak: Reduce IE loadtimes
Optimize: Announcing Optimize 1.5
Research: Open Office gaining marketshare
Survey: Weigh in on our digital music survey
Windows Alert: XP drains portable batteries
Windows Tweak: Make your LCD screen crystal clear

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May 2006 Newsletter

Commentary: Fed up with Outlook!
Research: Thunderbird gaining ground on Outlook and OE
Windows Tip: Save time by using keyboard shortcuts
Research: Participate in our eMail and Keyboard Shortcuts survey
Windows Tweak: Speed up your PC – Disable XP Visual effects
eMail Advisory: Outlook Crashes without warning

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FREE Protection vs Paid Protection from Spyware

There is no doubt that the lines are being drawn for a galactic cyber battle for control over your PC and your desktop. Spyware and adware companies make barrels of money installing their clandestine applications on your PC without your knowledge. Even for an advanced user, typically the most expedient solution is to install an anti spyware product. This article will take an in depth look at the various anti spyware solutions we have seen at PC Pitstop. During this discussion, the reader should refer to our anti spyware graph from our research section.

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