GFI The End of Anonymity

Fact is, regardless of the pros and cons, it seems to me we’re headed toward a
future where remaining anonymous may be impossible, or at least increasingly

GFI Vipre: Your Kids are Hiding on Facebook

To gain a better understanding of home computing practices, GFI® Software commissioned a scientific study of home Internet use by parents and their teenage children. This population represents a particularly interesting “risk pool” not only due to their usage patterns in the home, but also due to the theory that “tech savvy” teens, who have spent their entire cognizant lives in the Internet age, may prove to be a harder human target for social engineering attacks than their elders.

Malware Now Disguised as Disk Utilities

Since rogues began to circulate seven or so years ago, they’ve always pretended to be anti-spyware or anti-virus products, imitating the look of many legitimate anti-virus products and even the structure of their product names. In the last two months, however, it has become clear that the rogue writers are trying something new to confuse potential victims.

Malware Minute: Stay Safe on the Internet

Topics this week:Chile mine rescue story SEO poisoning, Twitter phishing, U.S.government advisories on money mule recruitment and bank-account takeovers and best books for malcode analysis and reverse engineering.