PC Pitstop Newsletter – September 2009 #2

    Ask Leo: Help! My email was hijacked!
    Chris Pirillo Video: How to Improve Internet Explorer
    Bits from Bill: Most Underrated Windows Tweak
    The Race for Your Email
    Technologizer: MSFT Tablet PCs
    TechBite: Making the PC to TV Connection
    The Dodge Retort: Socialnomics ’09 – The Movie
    Tip #1: Learn Windows 7
    Tip #2: 5 Best Online Image Editors
    Tip #3: Down for everyone or just me
    PC Pitstop Driver Library

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By Steve Hogan

The echoing sound of “You’ve Got Mail” faded this summer as Google’s Gmail powered past AOL and captured the third place position among email servers.

With a growth rate of 46% over the past year some are saying Gmail will overtake Windows Live Mail/HotMail at the number 2 position by early in 2010. Possibly even as early as Feb. 2010.


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Some Whine With Your Beta?


IE8 Beta is gone and hopefully replaced by an improved RC1. A browser capable of remembering passwords doesn’t seem like too much to ask. With any luck at all the tabbed browsing and other improvements will be worth while because the browser will be able to render pages and do the small things that so far have escaped recent Internet Explorer releases.

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