Google and Amazon Devices Can Prevent Break-Ins

Traveling this holiday season? My family loves the classic Christmas movie, Home Alone. I can’t imagine you haven’t seen it, but if not, it’s about a young boy who gets left home alone accidentally in the chaos of his family leaving for Christmas vacation. While home, he battles a pair of burglars terrorizing the neighborhood. […]

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Google Finds Themselves In Hot Water After Courts Rule Against Them

Good Thing Google Has Deep Pockets… The search engine tycoon, Google, was recently ordered to pay $20 million after the courts found they infringed on four different anti-malware patents.  The infringement involved the development of the company’s popular web browser, Chrome. According to The Next Web, the suit originated in 2013 after Alfonso Cioffi and, […]

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Chris Pirillo: Quality of Google Search Results Decline?

decreased google search quality

Google has introduced its answer to just about every popular Internet technology it can, providing us with alternative operating systems, alternative social networking platforms, and alternative productivity applications. Now Google intends to alter the bread and butter of its operation: its search. Has Google gone too far? Is Google getting too greedy?

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Google – Stop Following Me

google privacyDear Google: I am writing to tell you one important fact. I bought the Sony NEX-5N camera. As you know, a friend of mine contacted me through my Gmail account, because he had recently purchased the Sony and he was ecstatic. I purchased the camera with the 19-55 mm lens, and then I also purchased the 55-200 lens as well. If you must know, I also purchased a bag, a tripod, and some filters. I paid roughly $1000 from and used my personal credit card. The stuff arrived about a week later, and I paid my Visa bill one month later.

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