Could Your Car Be Responsible For Your Next Data Leak?

A hacking experiment leads to surprising results A few days ago, The Washington Post (WaPo) held an interesting experiment. With the help of an automotive technology expert, they hacked into a Chevy Volt to see how much information the car was collecting on its driver. The results were pretty alarming. A technology enhanced car should […]

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Two Romanians Facing Charges for Hacking 123 D.C. Cameras

Hackers Arrested for Massive Cyber Attack Almost a year ago, PC Pitstop reported on a ransomware attack that took out 123 surveillance cameras days before President Trump’s inauguration.  After determining the cameras were infected with malware, it was determined Dharma and Cerber ransomware were also on the systems.  Beyond infecting the systems with ransomware, there […]

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Equifax Suffers Largest Breach of 2017

143 Million Equifax Consumer Files Breached Equifax, a provider of consumer credit scores, was just confirmed as a victim of a data breach.  The incident resulted in 143 million customer files being compromised.  Therefore, this is one of the biggest breaches in U.S. history, and the largest reported in 2017. The hackers were infiltrating the […]

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Russian Hackers Breach UK Power Grid

Russian Hackers Believed to Cause Major Threat It is believed, Russian hackers are behind the recent breach of the UK national power grid.  Although, no outages were reported, there are major concerns the hackers took critical information to implement a future attack.  Without knowing what information, if any, was taken, it is difficult to determine […]

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Retail Store – The Buckle – Falls Victim to Hackers

Hackers Breach the Buckle Stealing Payment Data for Approximately Six Months The national retail store, The Buckle, recently disclosed they were the victims of a security breach.  The store’s point-of-sales (PoS) systems were compromised with malware, leaving consumer payment data up for grabs.  It is unknown how many credit and debit cards were impacted by […]

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Two Spyware Companies, Retina-X and FlexiSpy, Fail to Notify Customers of Data Breach

130,000 Spyware Customer Records Leaked According to Motherboard, two companies that sell spyware to direct customers, Retina-X and FlexiSpy, have suffered a major breach.  Between the two companies, it is believed over 130,000 records were compromised.  Along with customer records, company records were allegedly exposed, as well as photos and text messages acquired by Retina-X. […]

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Impact of Recent Chipotle Breach Remains Unknown

Investigation into Chipotle Breach Continues On April 25, 2017, Chipotle made a public statement explaining their payment systems had been breached.  Since it is early into the investigation, the entire impact of the breach remains unknown.  According to WTKR News, this is what had been confirmed, Unauthorized activity was found within the restaurant’s network, which […]

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Web Service Breach Leaves 200K Vermont Residents Exposed

Vermont Job Link Breach Impacts Thousands An estimated 200,000 Vermont residents and businesses could be impacted by a major breach that just went public.  Vermont Job Link, a web service contracted by the state, was recently hacked.  The website is used for residents to apply for state jobs. According to WCAX News, the state knew of the […]

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Select Restaurants Inc. Hacked — Number of Breached Credit Cards Remains Unknown

Select Restaurants Inc. Breached A little over a month ago, Select Restaurants Inc. was notified by their point-of-sales (PoS) system that there had been a breach.  The breach compromised the credit and debit card data held by the company.  Select Restaurants Inc. is not releasing the number of payment files that have been breached, nor […]

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33.6M Records Leaked From Dun & Bradstreet Marketing Account

Dun & Bradstreet Marketing Breached Dun & Bradstreet Marketing experienced a breach to one of their databases.  The database was 52 GB, which included 33.6 million files.  According to eCommerce Times, the database belonged to NetProspex. The information exposed is basic contact information, very similar to what you may find on a business card — […]

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Twitter Hacked and It Appears the Turks Are to Blame

Twitter Hacked Leaving Nazism Messages Today, dozens of Twitter accounts were hacked impacting various individuals from the European Parliament, UNICEF USA and BBC North America.  It is believed the attacks originated due to a diplomatic spat between Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands.  According to MSN, the Germans and Dutch barred Turkish ministers from campaigning in […]

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Russians Attempt to Hack Cyber Security Expert

Russians Attempt to Hack Security Expert Dodi Glenn, Vice President of Cyber Security for PC Matic, was recently the victim of an attempted hack.  Dodi received an email notifying him of a failed login attempt to his remote desktop.  Russians attempted to hack into his account, from Kaluga, Russia.  Below is the email Dodi received. […]

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Has Your Information Been Hacked?

There always seems to be a new breach or security gap being reported.  Most recently, Fox News confirmed 12 hotels experienced a credit card breach.  Other breaches include leaked passwords, usernames, and email addresses.  But how does this impact you? Companies Hacked – Were You Impacted? It depends on the breach.  If your credit card information […]

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