Triton Threat Group Reappears in Second Critical Infrastructure Facility´╗┐

Triton Wormed Their Way Into Another Critical Infrastructure, and Possibly Many More… The advanced hacker group, Triton, was responsible for an attack on a Saudi petrochemical plant in 2017.  The attack would have been successful in destroying the facility, except there was a bug in Triton malware’s coding. Now, years later, researchers have confirmed finding […]

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Cyber Crime Group Moves from Credit Card Skimming to Ransomware


Russian Hackers Move From Skimmers to Ransomware by Exploiting Vulnerable RDP Ports FIN6, a Russian cybercrime group that has historically focused on attacking point-of-sale (POS) devices to steal credit card data, is now expanding their portfolio into ransomware distribution.  Over the last three years, the hacking group has targeted the hospitality and retail industries, successfully […]

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