Should I use a Registry Cleaner?

By Steve Hogan

One question I see over and over in our forums and even in our Customer Service department is, “What’s the best registry cleaner ” or “Is it safe to use a registry cleaner”. You’ll find almost as many answers to this question as there are geeks in a Starbucks. Look inside to find what works best.

Dont buy snake oil.

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Ask The Pros..USB Long Story Short


By Steve Hogan

Carol Asks: I need to buy an external hard drive. I have a USB 2.0 on my Dell computer. All the external drives that I see have a” USB A” or” USB B”. I am unable to actuall go look at the connections and am wondering if they are compatable with my “USB 2.0
Your help would be greatly appreciated.


It’s all in the cord. Without the right cord, what have you got? Nothing, that’s what.

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Windows 7…32 Bit or 64 Bit?


The October 22nd, WINDOWS 7, release date has come and gone. Now a lot of us are getting ready to purchase and install the latest operating system from Microsoft.

So name your poison. Do you want the old tired and slow 32 bit or the Brand New, SUPER FAST, Cutting Edge, 64 Bit Version? Don’t want to be pushy, it’s up to you.

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64-Bit Systems on The Rise


In a Microwave world where everyone is looking for immediate satisfaction the computer system is not exempt. Faster processors, larger RAM, and faster broadband connections are a few examples of optimizing a computers potential. Years ago it was basically just Servers reaping the benefit of 64-bit processing, but today 64-bit processors have almost become common amongst desktop PCs.

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Minimum Requirements For Windows 7 RC 1


We’re coming into the home stretch for the release of Windows 7. Tuesday May5th, Microsoft made available Windows 7 RC 1 for everyone to download. In an attempt to avoid a server jamming rush there are no time limits on how long you have to download this release. There are no limitations on keys available and the servers are giving good to great download speeds.

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Ask The Pros Vol.3 2009 Drivers


Getting tried of confusion over drivers? Drivers 101 is included in this edition and it’s going to be a big help to a lot of people. Simple, concise information to remove all those questions and get you on track to understanding drivers.
Ever have problems opening a link in Outlook Express?
Are the BIG BOYS giving you the run around? Let them know what you want and get help before your out of warranty.

Q. Becky asks: I have a HP Pavilion a1700n running Windows Vista Home Premium. After 9 months or so all of the USB ports stopped working. I’ve never even plugged anything into the one on the back of the tower. I’ve tried different flash drives but it doesn’t recognize them. Printers plugged into any USB port do not work. I tried to follow the steps given on

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Happy Anniversary XP SP3


It’s been a full 6 months since the release of Windows XP SP3. The unsuspecting public downloaded it faster than Tom Cruise jumps a couch, and it wasn’t long before 25% of us found we had grabbed a ticking time bomb. Endless reboots, blue screens, data loss and reinstalls were the wails coming from every help forum on the World Wide Web. In some cases John Q Public didn’t even know the grenade was coming. It was tossed in the middle of the night by Microsoft’s Automatic Update service. You don’t need to imagine the problems this created because you lived it.

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Microsoft: We’re Sorry, but We’ll Make it Up to You

Dave reports in from the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference.

When Steve Sinofsky took the stage on Tuesday at the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference, the senior vice president was willing to confess some past sins with Vista. His presentation was the first public demonstration of the new Windows 7 user interface, and showed how Microsoft intends to change Windows 7 to fix the problems that exist in Vista, and indeed in earlier versions of Windows.

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Windows 98 Turns 70 In Dog Years


This year marks the 10th anniversary of windows 98. Because of this and the fact that Vista is getting so much press, albeit negative, we decided to do an actual comparison using Windows 98, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, just to get a true idea of how far technology has progressed. The results might be surprising to some of you and were certainly an eye-opener for me.

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Display, Media and Network Drivers


PC Pitstop Research took a look at the display, media (sound card) and network drivers for the PCs that ran our on line tests during the month of October 2007. Based on our observations, these hardware classes include devices that are likely to have the most frequent driver updates. When we compared a PC’s installed driver date to the newest driver date for a given device in our database, we were able to determine the percentage of PCs that were not using the newest driver for their hardware component.

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