Healthcare Industry Confirmed as a Top Targeted Sector by Cyber Criminals

Healthcare is the Second-Most Targeted Industry A recent study confirmed the healthcare industry is one of the top targeted sectors for cyber attacks.  In fact, approximately 39% of healthcare facilities reported being under attack on a weekly basis.  Not only could these malicious attacks impede with the facility’s ability to conduct daily operations, but those daily […]

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Cyber Criminals Target University of Maryland Medical Systems

Another Medical Facility Targeted By Cyber Criminals The University of Maryland Medical Systems (UMMS) suffered a malware attack over the weekend.  According to officials, the cyber criminals executed the attack during the early hours of December 9, 2018.  Within hours of the malware being installed on the network, employees identified the malicious activity and took systems […]

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Patients Rerouted After Unknown Malware Cripples Hospital

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NHS Lanarkshire Infected with Malware — Again The NHS Lanarkshire hospital, located in Scotland was the victim of yet another ransomware attack.  The malware variant that infected the system is reported to be different than the WannaCry ransomware that infiltrated the system in May.  The attack took down the facility’s email systems and left staff […]

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Why is the Healthcare Industry More Prone to Cyber-attacks?

Healthcare Industry – An Easy Target Over the past few days, we’ve seen a new ransomware called WannaCry or WannaCrypt wreak havoc across the globe, infecting hundreds of large corporations, such as FedEx, Telefonica, and Britain’s National Health Service (NHS). Though the ransomware continued to infect computers at a more subdued pace, many corporations are […]

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