PC Pitstop Newsletter – July 2010

  • How Has PC Pitstop Helped You?
  • 5 Reasons I Hate My iPod
  • Why Don’t I Love My iPad
  • iPad Survey Results
  • Remove Your Anti-Virus Software
  • Ready for Your PC to be Stolen?
  • World’s Coolest Keyboard
  • No to Free Over the Air Reception
  • Tekzilla Tip- Stop the Desktop Distractions
  • Tip 1 – Generate Random Text
  • Tip 2 – Manual Defrag Vista
  • Tip 3 – Add A Picture To A Folder
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    Black Rhinos and White Elephants

    Gateway keyboard

    With great excitement I set off to snap pictures of laptop herds, grazing the shelves of the local Best Buy. Sporting my new macro capable camera and memory card, this was going to be a pictorial review that would rival the Discovery channel’s �Tribes of the Orinoco�. We all know how bad laptop keyboards are. Cramped with missing keys, these are the trophies I seek.

    As I entered the store, the smell of fresh electronics sharpened my senses. I found my first large herd fanned out across Brand Name Gulch. Camera in hand I rushed to the front of the herd knowing I was between them and the only outlet. It took some tricky footwork to position a shot of their

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    Optimus Maximus


    Tired of missing the backspace because of a lazy pinky? Need some extra function keys for Gaming? Want to use color to reduce your hunt and peck time? No Problem, make that key any size you want or any function you want. Art Lebedev, of Art Lebedev Studios, is using OLED technology to remedy all the scenarios above and many more. My hardware closet contains at least 12 keyboards so I have no clue how I missed reading about this before now. I do remember some vague comments about OLED technology a few months back, but nothing like what I’ve read today. Optimus Maximus, you will be mine!

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    Don’t touch that mouse!

    Our survey results show that a lot of Pitsters are saving time using keyboard shortcuts.

    Sometimes it seems as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Take the kids to school, pick up the dry-cleaning, morning meeting at the office – there is just too much to do. As the times keep moving faster and our lives keep getting busier, we often find ourselves trying to save a little time wherever we can.

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    May 2006 Newsletter

    Commentary: Fed up with Outlook!
    Research: Thunderbird gaining ground on Outlook and OE
    Windows Tip: Save time by using keyboard shortcuts
    Research: Participate in our eMail and Keyboard Shortcuts survey
    Windows Tweak: Speed up your PC – Disable XP Visual effects
    eMail Advisory: Outlook Crashes without warning

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