Hibernation, Great for bats but….


It’s the year 2000 and I’m sitting at my brand new computer desk, on my brand new swivel chair, and I’m starting to explore my very first computer. It’s an HP and it has cool jungle sounds coming from it. It’s going to be the best, fastest, most exciting computer in the world. It’s loaded with cool programs (or so I thought) and it’s magical.

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13 Ways To Extend your Laptop Battery Life


Everyone knows it’s a problem. A zillion articles and lists on how to extend laptop battery life dot the Internet. The problem is that most are just vague lists … I’m going to tell you what I found that works and how to set it up. These tips are not for using the laptop around the house. This is for when you must get the absolute most from your current battery charge. How much will it get you? How about a whopping 58% more use time?

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