Banning Laptops In Airplane Cabins on European Flights

EU and US Agree not to Ban Laptops The Department of Homeland Security has been back and forth multiple times on the idea of banning large electronic devices, including laptops, from being carried on to flights.  Instead, these larger devices would be placed on checked luggage.  There are two concerns with larger electronics.  First, the […]

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Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Forget the DVD & Save on your New Laptop

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By Bill Pytlovany

I’ve written before about the coming death of the CD/DVD’s for data storage. While that time hasn’t come yet for desktop there is one realm where CD/DVD players are no longer needed. If you’re getting ready to purchase a new laptop the one place you can really save is by shopping for a machine without a CD/DVD player. Not only will you save cash, but you’ll also save big time on weight and energy consumption.

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PC Pitstop January 2009 Newsletter #2

  • World’s Best Free Software
  • Ask the Pros – RAID Arrays
  • Fastest Laptop in the World
  • Is Memory Load Killing Your PC?
  • Is Your Data Lost at Sea(gate)?
  • Bits from Bill: Whats New in Windows 7 Security
  • Techbite: Help is on the Way
  • Technologizer: A Retro Unboxing with Atari
  • PC Trends – Newspapers Near Extinction
  • PC Trends – Use of Free Software Takes Off
  • Tech Tips – Avoid Pointless Software
  • Tech Tips – A 360 Degree Windows Desktop
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    Complete Laptop Care Guide


    Today laptops are fast replacing desktops as the computer of choice. Because of their size and light build they can require a little more care than their robust, sedentary brothers. Smaller cords and displays on hinges are just two of the diffrences that need spceial attention. Follow these points to keep your laptop younger longer and avoid some of the most common laptop pitfalls.

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    Laptop Fires Trigger New Recalls


    Just in case you were getting bored with the economy and the candidates, Sony brings you their 2nd Annual Battery Recall. This event is being held at the Palm Shore Resort and is hosted by Dell, Toshiba, and HP…… . Sorry, but a little levity helps as the occurrence of laptops catching fire, exploding and possibly damaging life, limb and property has become so commonplace that it’s almost a seasonal event.

    Check out Robs video of what happens when a laptop catches fire. It’s had almost a million and a half views.

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    13 Ways To Extend your Laptop Battery Life


    Everyone knows it’s a problem. A zillion articles and lists on how to extend laptop battery life dot the Internet. The problem is that most are just vague lists … I’m going to tell you what I found that works and how to set it up. These tips are not for using the laptop around the house. This is for when you must get the absolute most from your current battery charge. How much will it get you? How about a whopping 58% more use time?

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    Laptop Security

    Gregg Stebben is the Chief Internet Evangelist for PC Pitstop. Gregg is well-known to radio listeners all over the country as a “tech guru”, including his weekly reports on WTOP in Washington DC. WLW in Cincinnati, WOAI in San Antonio and KSL in Salt Lake. He is the author of 11 books, including INTERNET PRIVACY FOR DUMMIES, and he has also written for magazines ranging from MEN’S HEALTH to ESQUIRE to BON APPÉTIT. He lives in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

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