Google Records All Wireless Connections WorldWide

I see you sitting there drinking your coffee and surfing the web. Here’s ya go. A little cell phone reminder to purchase that new grill for summer fun. I’ll check back on you later. I’m your personal media ad provider and I’m yours whether you want me or not.

Google, who is no greenhorn to controversy, is now stirring the Hassenpfeffer with their implementation of Germany’s Street Views.

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Technologizer: Classic PCs vs. New PCs: Their True Cost


By Harry McCracken

You’re familiar with Moore’s law. You know all about the accelerating pace of information technology. Regardless, you’re still amazed at how many gigabytes you can fit in your pocket these days. Remember how your first computer’s entire hard disk only held 20 megabytes? You could accidentally swallow a thousand times as much data now if you weren’t careful.

But how much did that old hard drive cost? I mean really cost?

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ENCRYPTION What is it? Does it work?


Are your bank accounts and passwords safe? Are your browser settings where they should be? Is your computer slow because it’s busy sending your personal information to Russia?

Don’t become the fly in the ointment by thinking that your Firewall, Antivirus, or ISP is going to protect your data. Use encryption all the way to the file level. Have you altered or lowered your browser setting recently? Set them back where they belong. Your protection is only as good as you allow it to be. Protect yourself.

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Using Erase as a Profiler (Cartoon)

Most people don’t know it, but our product Erase is a very useful tool as a Data Profiler. That is, you can learn a lot about a person from analyzing their activity on their PC. Erase was originally designed to help one erase their tracks from snooping eyes, but we have learned that the free scan portion of Erase has been used by law enforcement agencies to determine quickly the recent activity of a computer at a crime scene. I made this cartoon at Toondoo to highlight this capability of Erase.

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