HP Issues Lithium Ion Battery Recall — Again

HP Recalls Embedded Lithium Batteries HP has begun recalling embedded lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries in 11 different models of PCs.  The recall comes almost one year after the first HP Li-Ion battery recall.  HP, and other manufactures started embedding the batteries within the device, in an attempt to increase security measures.  Unfortunately, that did not […]

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Lithium Ion Batteries Continue to Cause Issues

Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Batteries Create Problems, Again… It comes as no surprise, Li-ion batteries continue to create issues where ever they are placed.  In 2006, PC Pitstop conducted a test regarding the safety hazard of Li-ion batteries overheating, causing fires.  See the video below. In 2013, the company followed up on this risk, hoping something […]

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Lithium-Ion, It’s light, It’s powerful, It’s….


…the element of choice.
A recent trip drove home the importance of battery life in laptops. Although my laptop was relatively new at less than a year old, it lasted just under 2 hours on battery power. I had all the energy saving features on and I had dimmed the screen, but it didn’t seem to help much. When I got home I did some checking to see what was coming in the way of battery technology. While I found some information on new technologies, most seemed far from being ready to use. In fact there were only hints that there would be anything new within the next five years.

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