PC Pitstop Newsletter – February 2009 #2

    *H & R Block’s Tax Cut for FREE!
    *Keyboards & Mice Now Obsolete?
    *Disk Defrag – Never Easier
    *Ask the Pros – Windows Mail
    *Windows 7 Beta Update
    *Bits from Bill: Please Release Windows 7
    *TechBite: Magic Jack Review
    *Technologizer: A Tour of Gadget History
    *Money Saving Tips
    *New Survey – Technology & The Economy
    *Tip #1: 76 Vista Keyboard Shortcuts
    *Tip #2: User Account on a Different Drive

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Ask The Pros 2009 Windows Mail


GMail, HotMail, WindowsMail, Whose got Mail?

We all do, so see what’s going to be the next big deal in the battle to control your e-mail. Microsoft in, all it’s wisdom, is pushing to integrate e-mail, instant messaging, photo sharing, blog publishing, and a host of other applications into a neat and tidy package called Windows Live Services. Although not included as a part of the new Windows 7 operating system it is available for download from Windows Live Download and integrates seamlessly.

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