Detecting Facebook Security Problems

I joined FaceBook roughly about 1 year ago, and I have truly enjoyed the experience. I have connected with many old friends and relatives. Without FaceBook none of this would be possible, and hence my life is a little richer. But and this is a big but, Facebook is evolving into a dangerous place.

Let me give an actual example of how one can be tricked into downloading badware when on Facebook. First, I would like to introduce an old friend of mine, Duffy Conway. Duffy worked at Gateway in sales, and was consistently one of the company’s top producers. I left Gateway over 10 years ago, and I was delighted to have Duffy as my friend on Facebook.

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Bits from Bill Pytlovany: How Apple Failed the Macintosh

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

Yea, I know may get slammed with hate mail for this one but I am open to alternate opinions. The market has been ripe for Apple to pick up a sizable portion of the computer share but it has failed. According to market researchers IDC and Gartner, Macintosh sales are up but their share is still way below 10%. That compares to PC sales by Acer and Toshiba. Why doesn’t the Mac have a larger market share?

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The 9 Necessary Links For Windows 7 Users


With these links all you need is a little time and your new Windows 7 operating system will be up and running. You supply the hardware and these links will supply everything else.

W7 Download Straight form the mother ship, you can use this free download until the actual product hits the shelves, then use the Windows Easy Transfer to move everything to the retail installation. There’s no rush.

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Ask The Pros Vol.3 2009 Drivers


Getting tried of confusion over drivers? Drivers 101 is included in this edition and it’s going to be a big help to a lot of people. Simple, concise information to remove all those questions and get you on track to understanding drivers.
Ever have problems opening a link in Outlook Express?
Are the BIG BOYS giving you the run around? Let them know what you want and get help before your out of warranty.

Q. Becky asks: I have a HP Pavilion a1700n running Windows Vista Home Premium. After 9 months or so all of the USB ports stopped working. I’ve never even plugged anything into the one on the back of the tower. I’ve tried different flash drives but it doesn’t recognize them. Printers plugged into any USB port do not work. I tried to follow the steps given on

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The Ultimate PC Tune Up Guide


Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to keeping your PC running fast and great. As I discussed in a prior article, the more you use your PC, the more your PC requires maintenance. Every email you read, every web site you visit, and every document you create, leaves little bread crumbs on the hard drive. Over the space of the days, weeks and months, these thousands and thousands of bread crumbs ultimately slow down your PC. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your PC like new, and in some cases better than new. Let’s get started.

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Taming the Wild West

Does everyone remember a few years ago the wacko guy that was blowing up mailboxes in the midwest? What I remember most of all is that suddenly everyone was afraid to open their mailboxes. The ramifications were huge. Millions of businesses rely on the US mail to deliver marketing materials, invoices, and other important communications. What would have happened if the US mail became unreliable?

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Thanks for your Support, and How You Can Keep Supporting!

LET me start off this month by saying “Thank you.” Thank you for all the tremendous feedback and supportive e-mails. Thank you for telling your friends about our site. Our tracking shows that ‘friend’ is the number one traffic driver to PC Pitstop. Thank you for purchasing things through our site. And thank you to all the writers who have chosen to write about us in PC World, Money Magazine, Access Magazine–and a special thank you to everyone at ZD-TV (now called TechTV).

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