8 Useful Shortcut Keys Using The “Windows” Button [Windows 7]

If you’re a rather busy person like me, every single second you waste throws pennies down the drain. Those pennies gather up over a year, so making yourself more efficient at what you do on your computer should be at the top of your list. If you lose 2 cents for every second you lose and you waste 2 minutes of the day moving your mouse instead of pressing quick shortcut keys, that’s $864 every year you’ll never recover — almost one grand! Even if you don’t make money on your computer, think of how much time you can save to do other things like reading a book or playing ball with your kid that always complains about you being such a busy beaver.

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You’ve probably heard of how hackers easily infiltrate Windows networks of unsuspecting people. If you stick your head out of the water frequently and interact with other people on the Internet, you might also run the risk of being attacked at some point in time or another. By following a couple of tips, you can hold your own against those who want to harm you.

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If you’re a hobbyist that runs a home server, or even a regular computer user that wants to get things done quickly, you will know how important it is to start Windows quickly. There’s nothing worse than having to restart a server and have your visitors tolerate 3 minutes of downtime. Add another 5 minutes of slow loading times until the computer’s fully loaded. When time is money, you really can’t be wasting any of it waiting for a computer to load.

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For a normal Windows 7 users, most of the time, you will just accept the default setting of the operating system and not change too much of its internal settings so as to reduce the chances of breaking the system. However, there are some of us who love to tweak the settings to make our workflow more productive and effective. Below are 4 great Windows 7 tips that are seldom covered and should get your productivity up.

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The people who frequently change their computers or travel a lot want to have their data with them all the time. It is not always possible to take a laptop or a computer with them. This is where the concept of portable applications comes in. Portable applications are programs that do not depend on any system and do not need to be installed anywhere. They can be installed in a folder and that folder can be copied and taken anywhere without leaving any settings or data behind.

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Many of you have probably been using Windows 7 for quite a while now. It’s really quite a solid operating system, with stability and functionality far exceeding anything Microsoft has offered before. You may, however, be unaware of one of the great productivity advantages that Windows offers you. That is keyboard integration, which is far more advanced than other platforms like Mac OSX. Windows is entirely functional without a mouse cursor, and indeed many features can be accessed much faster through the use of keyboard shortcuts. Hopefully the shortcuts below will be of use to some of you. I know I learnt a few new ones when researching this article!

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