89% of PC Users Say Malware Prevention Is Key

Malware Prevention Vs. Detection Malware infections have continued to spread at alarming rates.  Whether it is ransomware, which encrypts data and demands a payment from the victim to regain access, or fileless malware which bypasses most security solutions, malware threats continue to grow daily.  Once a version of malware is detected as malicious, it is […]

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Backups Smackups, Prevention is the Real Key

Security lock

Why Backing Up Your Data Won’t Work Let’s be honest, backing up your data is important.  Maybe more so for some users than others, but important nonetheless.  However, backups are not the golden ticket when it comes to restoring data after a malware attack.  Although they could be useful in restoring your files after a […]

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Malware Prevention Tops IT Pros List of Security Priorities

Malware Prevention Deemed Higher Priority Than Detection According to a recent study conducted by Barkley, 51% of IT pros would allocate additional funds to malware prevention over detection and recovery efforts.  This should come as no surprise, considering one in three respondents gave their organizations a failing grade when it comes to prevention of malware […]

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