Night of the Living Floppy

Night of the Living Dead… Dead Man Walking… Who want’s a little floppy?… Yes, it’s a sad day when something this comical comes to an end. We’ll miss you little floppy. You’ve been replaced by bigger, faster, longer, stronger. Thanks for the memories and the noise.

Sony has announced that they will no longer produce the outdated storage medium as of March 6th, 2011 or before if sales continue to drop.

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Man Wins $100.00 Finding PC Matic Easter Egg

By Steve Hogan

Very meticulous people are an asset to any business. They are also the ones that get FREE CASH from PC Pitstop.

Will your keen eye make you some loot? Keep clicking, you may be next.

Paul almost overlooked it but it wasn’t long before his clerical roots and curiosity got the best of him. Paul went back and scoured every line until he found the source of the the mysterious flash. At first he didn’t recognize what he was seeing.

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