PC Pitstop Newsletter – July 2009

Top Loved Netbooks
Is Windows 7 Price Right?
Windows 7 Family Pack Discount
Ask the Pros – Drive Management
OEMs Get Win 7 on July 13th
Chris Pirillo Video: Ask the Pros -Enlarge Fonts on Web Pages
Bits from Bill: Twitter Attacks
Technologizer: Firefox Review
TechBite: Hows Your HardDrive Doing?
The Dodge Retort: HP Mini Review
Tip #1: Windows 7 Tutorials
Tip #2: Gmail HTTPS setting
Tip #3: Start Your PC With No Case
Tip #4: Rotate Your Monitor Display
PC Pitstop Driver Library

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ASK THE PROS July Drive Management


Howdy and Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US. The past week has seen more questions on drives and boot problems so I decided to take a good look at Windows Disk Management. Disk Management has always been a good utility, but starting with Vista and continuing into Windows 7, it has become a powerful and simple way to format and partition drives. You can manage the drive your booting from, or you can format and partition new drives for later installations and use.

Let’s take a look at this weeks question and see where it takes us.

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WinPatrol 2008 – New Version!


The 2008 version of WinPatrol is now available. BillP studios have added a great new feature, ActiveX Component Management.

WinPatrol will now monitor your system and let you know when new ActiveX components try to make their home on your system. If it’s not something you wanted WinPatrol will kill the new component before it can do any damage.

Download and Try Now!

Make sure to upgrade to WinPatrol Plus 2008 to get all the benefits.

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