Chris Pirillo: When Will 4GB of RAM Be Not Be Enough?


By Chris Pirillo

The Lockergnome community was recently asked when we feel that 4GB of RAM just won’t be “enough” for our machines. As of now, there are very few people who need more than this, even though we all like to think we do. If you think back to when Windows XP was released, the minimum requirement to install was 64MB of RAM. Compare that to Vista or Windows 7 – or any other software on the market today. Most of it will require you to have at least 1 or 2GB of memory. So – when will we see the day where 4GB isn’t enough anymore?

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Netbooks: Size Matters


With sales approaching only 400,000 units in 2007, netbook sales exploded in 2008 reaching 11. 4 million units. Small, light, and super-portable are the catchwords describing a netbook. Definitions vary but the determining factors are price and size. Generally they have a screen size of 10″ or below, a reduced power/performance processor with 1.0 and 1.6 gig. the most popular of sizes. Price is dictating the use of limited amounts of memory but drive size has been creeping up.

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Your PC is NOT Old

I just finished doing the math. I began computing in 1983 and during that time, I have owned exactly 10 different computers. That means, the average life of one of my PC’s is 2.5 years. That certainly is an eye opener. 2.5 years is not that long a time in PC years. When I purchased each one, my anticipation was a lot more than a couple of years, so why is that?

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Windows 98 Turns 70 In Dog Years


This year marks the 10th anniversary of windows 98. Because of this and the fact that Vista is getting so much press, albeit negative, we decided to do an actual comparison using Windows 98, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, just to get a true idea of how far technology has progressed. The results might be surprising to some of you and were certainly an eye-opener for me.

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About RAM: The Poor Man’s Upgrade

Out to boost your PC’s performance? Of all the upgrades you can make to your system, increasing your RAM is one of the easiest, most cost-effective and most noticeable upgrades you can make. And even if your system is already a screamer, more RAM always comes in handy—especially for intensive gaming or graphics and multimedia work–and it’s a solid investment for the future of your PC.

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Our Gator Experiences

What is it like to be a Gator user? We get plenty of reports in our forums, but we decided to get first-hand information by installing GAIN software on our own systems. We also wanted to find out if there are any good things about GAIN ads–do they have the potential to help users find great deals on products and services? The results weren’t pretty. Rob’s system became very unstable almost immediately. Dave didn’t have system instability, but received many GAIN ads that were anything but targeted.

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