Chris Pirillo: How Many USB Devices Do You Have?


By Chris Pirillo

I love USB. I love the ports, the devices and the hubs. The problem with hubs, though, is that most of them top out at only seven little spots to plug things into. I have SO many USB devices. How the heck am I ever going to plug them all in at once? How many USB devices do you have? List them all in the comments thread and let’s see who has what! Whoever has the most (and can PROVE it with a picture of them all together at once) will win my existing USB hub!

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Emergency Security Patch Issued By Microsoft


URGENT Install Immediately: PC Pitstop recommends installing this latest (958644) Microsoft security patch now.

On October 22, Microsoft released security patches for all versions of Windows listed below. This “out-of-cycle” patch was released in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 . Its sudden release only serves to emphasize its importance. You can check your add/remove programs sections to see if the patch was automatically installed (be sure to check the “show updates” box).

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