Outdated OS to Blame For Latest NHS Cyber Attack?

NHS Hit Again… The largest medical facility in England, NHS, has been known as one of the largest targets for cyber security threats.  After being hit over and over again with various forms of malware, NHS was infected again on Friday, January 13, 2017. Although initial reports were of a ransomware attack, officials reported they do not believe the […]

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1,000 Procedures Canceled at Three Hospitals After Computer Virus Runs Rampant

Update: As of November 2nd, NHS is still struggling to get their systems up and running as normal.  According to Graham Cluley, outpatient and diagnostic procedures were cancelled for today, with the exception of a few select services.  NHS Trust canceled all operations at three hospitals after a computer virus spread throughout their systems.  It has […]

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NHS Remains Major Ransomware Target

The National Health Service remains the main ransomware target… NHS has been identified as the primary ransomware target for quite some time.  Several reports have suggested multiple ransomware attacks on the NHS, and a recent study suggests that won’t be slowing down anytime soon.  With a 400% increase in ransomware attacks, the NHS needs to […]

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