The PC Pitstop Notebook 500

I am very excited and proud to present a brand new report from PC Pitstop. Given the outrageous traffic on our web site, we are able to see the absolute fastest PC’s in the world, what technologies they use, and why they fall into an elite performance standing. It took a lot of culling of the data, but I am pleased to announced the PC Pitstop Notebook 500. This month we will look at the fastest portables that money can buy. So let’s get to the results.

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Laptop Security

Gregg Stebben is the Chief Internet Evangelist for PC Pitstop. Gregg is well-known to radio listeners all over the country as a “tech guru”, including his weekly reports on WTOP in Washington DC. WLW in Cincinnati, WOAI in San Antonio and KSL in Salt Lake. He is the author of 11 books, including INTERNET PRIVACY FOR DUMMIES, and he has also written for magazines ranging from MEN’S HEALTH to ESQUIRE to BON APPÉTIT. He lives in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

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November 2006 Newsletter

PC Pitstop Exclusive: Notebook PC Explodes
Full Test Overhaul
Playing With Fire III
Authority on the Dangers of Li Ion Batteries Speaks Out
New One Stop Resource for Safer Computing
Research: Analog Modems Finally Obsolete?
Tip: Make your Internet experience safer, faster and smarter
Survey: Passwords
Tip: Save Hard Drive Space and Open Files Faster

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Playing with Fire

Last month, Dell announced they would be replacing over 4 million batteries from notebook computers shipped worldwide during the last 2 years. Shortly, after that Apple announced a similar recall on a smaller scale. Doing a recall on this magnitude is an extremely expensive and complex task, and PC Pitstop applauds these companies for leading the way. The reality is that all portables running LiON batteries have some probability of exploding. Apple and Dell owners should be pleased, not dismayed, that their manufacturers chose to be the leaders in alerting their users to the risks of portable computing.

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