Hackers Use The NSA Exploit, EternalBlue to Mine Crypto-Currency

Cyber Criminals Still Exploiting Year Old Vulnerability, EternalBlue The well-known NSA exploit, EternalBlue, caused major issues for PC users around the world when hackers used it to spread the global ransomware attack, WannaCry.  Shortly after this ransomware attack, Microsoft released a patch for the exploit.  One would think, PC users and IT professionals would make […]

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Reports Claim Kaspersky Knowingly Played Role in NSA Hack

More Breaking News – Kaspersky Labs Knew of NSA Breach Role? In 2015 a government contractor placed confidential, NSA data on his personal computer.  This computer was using the Russian-based security solution, Kaspersky Labs.  Allegations have been surrounding Kaspersky Labs, regarding inappropriate ties to the Russian government, as well as collusion with the hackers who […]

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Kremlin Hackers Use Kaspersky Antivirus to Obtain NSA Data

New Developments Explain How Russia Obtained NSA’s Internal Details – And Guess Who’s in the Middle?? In 2015, the National Security Agency (NSA) suffered a data breach, that went undetected until early spring of 2016.  The breach was direct aftermath of a contractor transferring highly classified information to his home PC.  The hackers, who were […]

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Microsoft Patched NSA Exploits Before Release

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Patched Exploits There has been a lot of news swirling around, claiming the published exploits stolen from the NSA can be used against current Microsoft products.  According to ArsTechnica, that is not the case.  Instead, Microsoft patched the exploits a month prior to the exploits being published.  However, this is causing major speculation.  Did […]

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